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ISO/CRS Specialists and FEMA CRS Contacts

ISO/CRS Specialists are responsi­ble for reviewing community requests for Community Rating System classification and verifying implementation of activities credited by the CRS. The name and telephone number of the ISO/CRS Specialist for a state are listed below. The ISO/CRS Specialist is an employee of Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), FEMA’s CRS management contractor.

General questions may be directed to:

P.O. Box 501016
Indianapolis, IN 46250-1016
(317) 848-2898
Fax: (201) 748-1936

ISO/CRS Specialists by State

Alabama – Jonathan Smith
Alaska – Marlene Jacobs
Arizona – Kerry Redente
Arkansas – Melissa Mitchell
California – (S) KanDee Davis, (N) Constance Lake
Colorado – Kerry Redente
Connecticut – Eugene Kohls
Delaware – Garrett Byma
Florida – Craig Carpenter, Sue Simpson, Heidi Liles
Georgia – Mike Bratcher (inland), Sue Simpson (coastal)
Hawaii – Sherry Harper (interim)
Idaho – (S) Constance Lake, (N) Marlene Jacobs
Illinois – Lou Ann Patellaro
Indiana – Tracie Belongia
Iowa – Melissa Mitchell
Kansas – Melissa Mitchell
Kentucky – Christina Groves
Louisiana – Jonathan Smith
Maine – Eugene Kohls
Maryland – Amanda Gowans
Massachusetts – Eugene Kohls
Michigan – Tracie Belongia
Minnesota – Melissa Mitchell
Mississippi – Jonathan Smith
Missouri – Melissa Mitchell
Montana – Constance Lake
Nebraska – Melissa Mitchell
Nevada – (S) KanDee Davis, (N) Constance Lake
New Hampshire – Eugene Kohls
New Jersey – Garrett Byma
New Mexico – Kerry Redente
New York – Eugene Kohls
North Carolina – Mike Bratcher (inland), Mandy Todd (coastal)
North Dakota – Constance Lake
Ohio – Tracie Belongia
Oklahoma – Deidra Mares
Oregon – Marlene Jacobs
Pennsylvania – Amanda Gowans
Puerto Rico – Eugene Kohls
Rhode Island – Eugene Kohls
South Carolina – Mike Bratcher (inland), Mandy Todd (coastal)
South Dakota – Constance Lake
Tennessee – Christina Groves
Texas – Deidra Mares
Utah – Constance Lake
Vermont – Eugene Kohls
Virginia – Christina Groves
Washington – Marlene Jacobs
West Virginia – Christina Groves
Wisconsin – Lou Ann Patellaro
Wyoming – Constance Lake

ISO/CRS Specialists Contact Information

Mike Bratcher
Phone: 910-298-2303
Cell: 910-879-6064

Tracie Belongia
Cell: 317-389-1480

Garrett Byma
Cell: 917-224-4059

Craig Carpenter
Cell: 404-825-3003

KanDee Davis
Cell: 702-209-9207

Amanda Gowans
Cell: 443-743-7993

Christina Groves
Phone: 270-754-3646
Cell: 270-312-7242

Marlene Jacobs
Cell: 541-704-5434

Eugene Kohls
Cell: 305-202-1780

Constance Lake
Cell: 307-258-5661

Heidi Liles
Phone/Fax: 407-774-7494
Cell: 407-619-5656

Deidra Mares
Cell: 830-832-3506

Melissa A. Mitchell
Cell: 913-543-0632

Lou Ann Patellaro
Phone: 708-634-3040
Cell: 954-651-5021

Kerry Redente
Cell: 719-207-0121

Sue Simpson
Cell: 904-510-6140

Jonathan Smith
Cell: 228-235-6506

Katherine (Mandy) Todd
Phone/Fax: 843-399-5127
Cell: 843-902-1332

FEMA CRS Regional Coordinators

FEMA Regions

Coordinator Contact Information
Region I Richard Nicklas (617) 956 –7671, Richard.Nicklas@fema.dhs.gov
Region II Marianne Luhrs (347) 515-4874, Marianne.Luhrs@fema.dhs.gov
Region III Richard J. Sobota (215) 931-5514, Richard.Sobota@fema.dhs.gov
Region IV Roy McClure (770) 220–8835, Roy.McClure@fema.dhs.gov
Region V John Devine (312) 408–5567, John.Devine@fema.dhs.gov
Region VI David Hiegel (940) 898-5405, David.Hiegel@fema.dhs.gov
Region VII Todd Tucker (816) 283-7003, Todd.Tucker@fema.dhs.gov
Region VIII Marijo Brady (303) 235–4835, Marijo.Brady@fema.dhs.gov
Region IX Brian J. Trushinski (510) 627–7183, Brian.j.trushinski@fema.dhs.gov
Region X Roxanne Reale-Pilkenton (425) 487-4654, Roxanne.Pilkenton@fema.dhs.gov

CRS Resource Specialists

Keith Harper
Phone: 850-974-2949

Christina Turpin
Phone: 503-741-5991

ISO Program Coordination

William Trakimas
Program Director
Phone: 317-848-2898
Fax: 201-748-1936
Cell: 317-709-6802

Dave Arkens
Technical Coordinator
Phone: 702-485-3345
Cell: 702-354-4674

Sherry Harper
Technical Coordinator
Phone: 850-682-1998
Cell: 850-902-5075

Scott Cofoid
Technical Coordinator
Phone/Fax: 815-220-1002
Cell: 815-993-3579

Cristina Martinez
Technical Coordinator
Office: 303-443-1695
Cell: 720-288-4473

CRS Communities

List of CRS communities as of October 1, 2018

CRS Participation Maps

CRS Users Groups

CRS communities across the country have formed CRS Users Groups to share information about CRS activities and credits. The groups also offer training opportunities. Click below for contact information for each group.

List of All CRS Users Groups


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CRS Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan for the Community Rating System presents programmatic objectives and strategies.