500 Series: Flood Damage Reduction


FEMA is awaiting the renewal of the CRS forms from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Until then, the current CRS forms (OMB Control No. 1660-0022), which show an expiration date of 10/31/2023, will receive monthly extensions from OMB, and will continue to be used by FEMA. Click here for more information.
  • CC-RL The Repetitive Loss List (⬇Download .pdf)
  • CC-520EHP Acquisition and Relocation—(FEMA Form 0-86-035B, pages 2-4) Refer to Section 520 of the Coordinator’s Manual. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • CC-530 Retrofitted Buildings—(FEMA Form 0-86-035A, pages 10-11) Refer to Section 530 of the Coordinator’s Manual. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • CC-530EHP Flood Protection—(FEMA Form 0-86-035B, pages 5-15) Refer to Section 530 of the Coordinator’s Manual. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • CC-540EHP Drainage System Maintenance—(FEMA Form 0-86-035B, page 16) Refer to Section 540 of the Coordinator’s Manual. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • NFIP Repetitive Loss Update Form—(FEMA FORM 086-0-35C) (⬇Download .pdf)

Helpful Resources

General Materials

The following guides, checklists and other materials, most of them referred to in the CRS Coordinator’s Manual, are optional aids to help communities with their CRS programs.

  • Matrix of Environmental Laws for FEMA-Funded Projects Eligible for CRS Credit—Tables showing the federal, state, and local environmental laws affecting each CRS activity. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Figure 500-3 Repetitive Loss Outreach Letter (⬇Download docx)
  • Mapping Rep Loss Areas for CRS—Refer to Section 503 of the Coordinator’s Manual. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Making Corrections to the Repetitive Loss List (⬇Download .pdf)

Activity 510 (Floodplain Management Planning)

Activity 520 (Acquisition and Relocation)

Activity 530 (Flood Protection)

Activity 540 (Drainage System Maintenance)

  • CRS Credit for Drainage System Maintenance Quick Guide—A four-page handout on earning credit under the CRS for maintaining drainage systems. (⬇Download pdf)
  • CRS Credit for Drainage System Maintenance—A full guide, with examples, to help communities tailor their drainage system maintenance programs in ways that both reduce flood losses and earn CRS credit. 2019 version. (⬇Download pdf)

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