600 Series: Warning & Response


    FEMA is awaiting the renewal of the CRS forms from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Until then, the current CRS forms (OMB Control No. 1660-0022), which show an expiration date of 10/31/2023, will receive monthly extensions from OMB, and will continue to be used by FEMA. Click here for more information.
  • CC-620EHP Levees—(FEMA Form 0-86-035B, page 17) Refer to Section 620 of the Coordinator’s Manual. (⬇Download .pdf)

Helpful Resources

General Materials

The following guides, checklists and other materials, most of them referred to in the CRS Coordinator’s Manual, are optional aids to help communities with their CRS programs.

  • CRS Credit for Flood Warning and Response Programs Document In Development
  • 600-Series Self-Assessment—A self-guiding questionnaire to help communities gather and document the information needed for credit for warning and response. (View on website)

Activity 610 (Flood Warning and Response)

Activity 620 (Levees)

Activity 630 (Dams)

  • Documentation Checklist (⬇Download .docx)
  • FEMA’s Dam Safety Program (View on FEMA website)
  • State Dam Safety Scores (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Class 4 Prerequisite Guidance—A summary of what a community subject to inundation due to dam failure must do to achieve CRS Class 4. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Guidance on Dam Failure Inundation Mapping (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Federal Guidelines for Inundation Mapping of Flood Risks Associated with Dam Incidents and Failures (⬇Download .pdf)
  • FEMA Geospatial Dam Break, Rapid EAP, Consequence and Hazards GIS Toolkit (View on FEMA website)
  • United State Army Corps of Engineers National Inventory of Dams (View on USACE website)

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