400 Series: Mapping & Regulations

Helpful Resources

The following guides, checklists and other materials, most of them referred to in the CRS Coordinator’s Manual, are optional aids to help communities with their CRS programs.

General Materials

  • How to Use a Grid Overlay—Refer to Section 403 of the Coordinator’s Manual. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Impact Adjustment Maps—An overview and step-by-step guide to producing a map to help analyze and pinpoint the impact of floodplain management techniques. Refer to Section 231 of the Coordinator’s Manual. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers Sea-Level Change Curve Calculator—An online tool for determining projected sea levels at specific locales in the United States. View on USACE website

Activity 420 (Open Space Preservation)

  • Natural Floodplain Functions Worksheet—A template useful for documenting credit for this activity. (⬇Download .doc)

Activity 430 (Higher Regulatory Standards)

  • CRS Credit for Higher Regulatory Standards (Document In Development)
  • Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Information (View on FEMA website)
  • Non-Conversion Agreement (⬇Download .doc)
  • FEMA 55: Coastal Construction Manual (View on FEMA website)
  • FEMA 480: Floodplain Management Desk Reference (View on FEMA website)
  • Costs & Benefits of Building Higher—A flyer by the Association of State Floodplain Managers promoting the elevation of buildings. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Guide to Writing your own Freeboard Flyer (⬇Download .pdf)
  • CRS and the Class 8 Freeboard Prerequisite for Attached Garages (⬇Download .pdf)

Activity 450 (Stormwater Management)

  • CRS Credit for Stormwater Management—A full guide, with examples, to help communities tailor their stormwater management and watershed management programs in ways that reduce flood losses, protect natural processes, and earn CRS credit. 2020 version. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Stormwater Management Regulations Activity Checklist (⬇Download .docx)
  • Watershed Masterplan Activity Checklist (⬇Download .docx)