How to Complete & Submit a Recertification Packet

What is a Recertification?

A recertification is a yearly check-in to confirm that your community is performing the annual requirements pursuant to the current CRS Coordinator’s Manual. This normally includes annual outreach requirements, publicizing and tracking services, preparing progress reports for plans, and records showing proper maintenance of your drainage system. Recertifications take place every year except for the year of your cycle verification visit.

What is an Annual CC Review?

“CC” stands for Construction Certificates. These include finished construction Elevation Certificates, Floodproofing Certificates, V Zone Certificates and Engineered Opening Certificates. Each year, a participating CRS community must submit their CCs at their recertification date. For those years a community is not undergoing their cycle verification, these CCs are submitted with their recertification packet. During the year of their cycle verification, only the permit list and all corresponding CCs are submitted at their recertification date.

When Do I Recertify?

CC–213 Recertification and Required Documentation Due Dates
February 1 May 1 August 1 October 15
Alaska Colorado Arkansas Alabama
Connecticut Delaware California Arizona
FL: Miami-Dade County FL: All Others Idaho Georgia
FL: Monroe County Kentucky Louisiana Hawaii
Illinois Massachusetts Montana Maryland
Indiana Missouri North Carolina Nevada
Iowa Nebraska South Carolina New Jersey
Kansas Puerto Rico Utah New Mexico
Maine West Virginia Virginia Oklahoma
Michigan Wyoming Oregon
Minnesota Tennessee
Mississippi Texas
New Hampshire Washington
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Annual Recertification Information Distributed to Communities
December 15 March 15 June 15 September 1


Please set an annual calendar reminder for your Recert/Annual CC due date and an annual calendar reminder on when you will receive an email notification that it’s time to recertify or submit annual CCs. (Tip: Set a calendar reminder a month before you are to receive a notification from ISO so you can start collecting materials and meeting with other internal departments to give yourself extra time.)

Each Recertification Packet Includes

NOTE: Recertification packets are customized for each community based on the activities for which they receive credit.



Recertification Statements

  • CC–213–1 lists the contact information for the CEO and the CRS Coordinator for each community. This page requires the signature of the CEO.
  • CC–213–2, also known as the Program Data Table (PDT) documents the number of buildings in a community’s floodplain, the number of acres in the floodplain, and identifies the data sources used to complete this form.
  • Recertification statements list the activities a community receives credit for and is required to implement annually. These statements also indicate documentation that is required.
  • The permit list template organizes and lists the floodplain development permits issued during your reporting period for both new construction and substantial damage/substantial improvement projects, for insurable buildings only, in the SFHA. The permit list must clearly show which ECs are finished construction and must match the ECs that are submitted for review.
  • Annual progress report templates for communities receiving credit for 330 PPI, 510 FMP, or 510 RLAA. A template is provided to help organize and report your annual evaluation(s).

2021 CRS Addendum

New Class 9 prerequisites that went into effect January 1, 2021:

  • Communities must submit their Construction Certificates (finished construction ECs, Floodproofing Certificates, V Zone Certificates and Engineered Opening Certificates) for new or substantially improved/damaged insurable buildings in the SFHA annually at their recertification due date, whether they have a cycle verification visit that year or are recertifying.
  • Communities must meet the 90% accuracy threshold to remain in good standing with the CRS program.
  • Communities will have 2 chances to meet the 90% score before being referred to FEMA for a Class 10 retrograde.

How Do I Know if I’m Recertifying or Submitting Annual CCs Only?

  • Communities will receive an email from their CRS Resource Specialist 45 days before their annual Recertification due date to let them know whether they are recertifying or submitting Annual CCs.
Submitting Only Annual CCs Submitting Full Recertification Packet
Currently in a cycle verification visit Not in a current cycle verification visit
Cycle verification visit scheduled for later that year Do not have a scheduled cycle verification visit for that year
Cycle verification visit file closed out in last 6 months (Resource Specialist will let you know) Cycle verification visit file closed more than 6 months ago

What’s The Reporting Period for Recertification?

The initial email sent to communities will indicate what the reporting period is. It’s typically from the last recertification deadline to the current year’s recertification deadline. For example: if a community’s recertification is due annually on October 15th, then the reporting period will be from October 15th from the previous year through October 15th of the current year. A community should pick a date up to two weeks before their due date and submit all materials up until then.

What’s The Reporting Period for Annual CC?

The initial email sent to communities will indicate what the reporting period is. It’s typically from the last recertification deadline to the current year’s recertification deadline. Remember, the new 2021 Addendum requires ECs to always be submitted at your recertification date regardless of whether a community is undergoing a cycle verification visit or a recertification in a given year.
We use the same date each year as the reporting date so it’s easy for everyone to keep track of. A community should pick a date up to two weeks before their due date and submit all materials up until then.

What is Required to Recertify

  • The CC–213 form must have current CRS Coordinator and CEO contact information (if not please update), and the CEO must sign and date the form.
  • The Program Data Table must have lines 1–16 (column A only) completed. Please refer to the previous year’s Program Data Table for help with lines 1 and 10 on the current PDT.
  • Recertification statements must be initialed by the CRS Coordinator. The Resource Specialist will assume that non-initialed statements are no longer being implemented. This may result in the loss of credit.
  • Any Recertification statements that are highlighted in bold require the request documentation to be submitted. See the example below for Activity 320.

____ 320 MI 1: We are providing basic flood information to inquirers.
____ 320 MI: Attached is a copy of the publicity for the credited elements of this service this year.
____ 320 MI: Attached is a copy of one page of the log, a letter, or other record that we kept on this service this year.

  • Please complete the permit list template (or a similar template that covers the required fields) along with any CCs. Only submit ECs that are:
    • “Finished Construction” ECs received during the reporting period
    • For principal structures (buildings) on the property (do not submit CCs for “Accessory” buildings or other types of non-buildings like cell towers, fences, shelters, etc.)
    • For buildings in the SFHA
    • For new construction or substantial damage/substantial improvement
  • The permit list must clearly indicate all buildings matching the above definition that were permitted during the reporting period. The Permit List must also clearly show which buildings have “Finished Construction” ECs or Floodproofing Certificates on file. The Permit List must match the ECs (or Floodproofing Certificates) submitted for review.

Documentation Requirements

300 Series

  • 310 (CCs and permit list)*
  • 320 (MI)
  • 330 (only PPI report)
  • 360 (PPA, PPV, FAA)
  • 370 (CP report)

400 Series

  • Only submit a copy of amended regulations if ordinances have changed, as related to CRS credit, for Activities 420, 430, 440, and 450.

500 Series

  • 502 (Rep Loss letter)**
  • 510 (RLAA, FMP, FSP, SPD report)***
  • 540 (CDR, SDR, SBM)

600 Series

  • 610 (FTR, EWD, FRO, CFP)
  • 620 (LM, LFW, LFO)
  • 630 (DFR, DFW, DFO)

* Class 9 Prerequisite
** Class 9 prerequisite if a Category B or C Repetitive Loss Community
*** Class 9 Prerequisite if a Category C Repetitive Loss Community

How Do I Submit My Recert?

Digital submissions are the most effective and efficient way to submit. If the file is too large to email, a file sharing site may be a better option.

  • Please mark in the upper righthand corner on each file the specific Activity number it represents or place it in a folder marked for that Activity.
  • It’s helpful if CCs are individual files titled by address and placed in a zipped folder with the permit list.
  • Once submitted, a Resource Specialist will send an acknowledgement email notifying the CRS Coordinator that the file has been received and will be in touch upon completion of the review.

How Do I Submit Construction Certificates?

  1. If you have no CCs, (ECs, Floodproofing Certificates, V Zone Certificates or Engineered Opening Certificates) for your reporting period, please indicate this in your Activity 310 recertification statements and place your initials on the blank next to this statement, when you are recertifying. If you are only submitting CCs for your Annual CC Review, just let your Resource Specialist know in an email.
  2. If you have fewer than 200 CCs for your reporting period, please submit your permit list and all CCs with your recertification.
  3. If you have more than 200 CCs for your reporting period, please submit only your permit list with your recertification. We will then select a random sample of 200 addresses that you will be required to submit CCs for immediately upon your receipt of our request.

You must submit all required V-Zone Certificates and Engineered Opening Certificates with your ECs or Floodproofing Certificates. All these certificates need to be reviewed if they are applicable.
If a property has been removed from the SFHA via a LOMA or LOMR, please note this in the “Comments” section of the Permit List and include a copy of the LOMA/LOMR with the CC.

How Do I Review and Correct CCs Before Submission?

The CRS has an EC Checklist that highlights every field on an Elevation Certificate that we review for CRS purposes.

Other Helpful Resources

Need Further Help Correcting Elevation Certificates?
Click here to watch ISO’s series of training videos on “How to Correct ECs”