300 Series: Public Information


Helpful Resources

The following guides, checklists and other materials, most of them referred to in the CRS Coordinator’s Manual, are optional aids to help communities with their CRS programs.

Activity 310 (Elevation Certificates)

Activity 320 (Map Information Service)

  • Using Google Earth to View Flood Maps (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Illustrations reproduced from the Coordinator’s Manual

Activity 330 (Outreach Projects)

  • Changes in Criteria and Scoring for CRS Outreach Projects—Compares the scoring of outreach projects under the 2017 Coordinator’s Manual with that of earlier editions. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Outreach Projects for Credit under the Community Rating System—A guide for helping communities conduct outreach creditable under the CRS. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Outreach Project Credit Worksheets—A spreadsheet useful for calculating credit for this activity.  (⬇Download .xls)
  • Developing a Program for Public Information for CRS Credit—A guide to help communities create and maintain a creditable public information program. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Examples of Local Programs for Public Information (PPIs)
    • Louisville–Jefferson County, Kentucky, PPI document (CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED)
    • Pasadena, Texas, PPI document (CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED)
    • Pasadena, Texas, PPI spreadsheet (⬇Download .xlsx)
    • Surfside Beach, South Carolina, PPI document (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Building Public Support for Floodplain Management—A guidebook by the Association of State Floodplain Managers that explains how to create and maintain public buy-in for flood mitigation programs. (⬇Download .pdf)
  • Flood Response Preparations Project (FRP) Credit Worksheet (⬇Download .xls)
  • CRS Credit for Planning Committees—A two-page handout summarizing the use of committees for planning CRS-creditable activities. (⬇Download .pdf)

Activity 340 (Hazard Disclosure)

Activity 350 (Flood Protection Information)

Activity 360 (Flood Protection Assistance)