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2017 CRS Coordinator’s Manual

The objective of the Community Rating System (CRS) is to recognize communities that are doing more than meeting the minimum NFIP requirements to help their citizens prevent or reduce flood losses. The CRS also provides an incentive for communities to initiate new flood risk reduction activities. The CRS Coordinator’s Manual is the guidebook for the […]

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100 Series: Introduction

ISO/CRS Specialists and FEMA CRS Contacts ISO/CRS Specialists are responsi­ble for reviewing community requests for Community Rating System classification and verifying implementation of activities credited by the CRS. The name and telephone number of the ISO/CRS Specialist for a state are listed below. The ISO/CRS Specialist is an employee of Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), […]

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Training & Videos

Webinars on the Community Rating System The CRS Webinar Series provides training opportunities to communities that are not yet participating in the Community Rating System or local government staff that are new to the CRS, and to local government staff with experience in the CRS. The Series includes basic introductory sessions and more advanced topics, […]

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Website Maintenance

Even the best-designed and built websites will require upkeep. In addition to security and content updates, your community should regularly check your website(s) for broken links. A broken link results when something on your website points to a file that doesn’t exist at the specified location, and is most often the result of a file […]

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600 Series: Warning & Response

General Materials CRS Credit for Flood Warning and Response Programs 600-Series Self-Assessment 610: Flood Warning and Response Maps as Cornerstones of Flood Warning and Response 610 Documentation Checklist 610 NOAA StormReady 610 NOAA TsunamiReady 620: Levees 620 Documentation Checklist CC-620EHP Levees Example Documents Living With Levees Brochure Levee Notice for Property Owners 630: Dams 630 […]

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200 Series: Procedures

212 Application Letter of Interest and CRS Quick Check Community Certifications 212 Community Certifications 212 Community Certifications for Environmental and Historic Preservation CC-520EHP Acquisition and Relocation CC-540EHP Drainage System Maintenance 212 The Community CRS Coordinator Program Data Table  CC-213 Recertification Form 230 Example Figures Figure 320-1, Sample log for map info service Figure 320-2, Sample map […]

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