CRS Quick Check

The Community Rating System (CRS) Quick Check is a new tool developed to help communities join the CRS. It is one of two application items required for a community to request a CRS classification. The other is the letter of interest from the community’s chief executive officer, which is explained in Joining the Community Rating System.

The objective of the CRS Quick Check is to show that the community is doing enough floodplain management activities above and beyond the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program to warrant 500 credit points, enough to be a CRS Class 9 or better. The CRS Quick Check itself is an Excel file that can be downloaded and filled out. Instructions are included in the file (see the tabs at the bottom of the Excel window after you open the document).

For a full explanation of each activity and element, see the CRS Coordinator’s Manual. The section numbers in the left columns of the CRS Quick Check and the Instructions coincide with the section numbers in the CRS Coordinator’s Manual.

The CRS Quick Check requires Microsoft Excel®.

Download the Quick Check here (XLS)

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