200 Series: Procedures

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State Uniform Minimum Credit Summaries

A summary of uniform minimum credits is published for each state. The publication may include credits that are automatic for all communities (such as a state-enforced statute on real estate disclosure) or credits that need additional materials to document that the activity is being implemented in the community (such as a state required freeboard—the ISO/CRS Specialist would still need copies of Elevation Certificates to verify that it is being enforced locally). 

In some cases, the ISO/CRS Specialist can work with the state or regional agency to collect the needed documentation. In others, it is expected that the community will obtain the additional documentation that may be needed. For example, if a regional agency inspects and maintains some of the community’s drainageways, the community would need to provide the ISO/CRS Specialist with the same types of inspection and maintenance records needed to document the community’s program. These situations are described in the state summary of uniform minimum credits. (See Section 231.e of the CRS Coordinator’s Manual).

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